Discovering that each season is deserving of celebration, brings you one step closer to the fulfillment you want. The ongoing cycle of growth begins with the challenge of autumn, moving to the exploration of winter, the renewal of spring, and the harvest of summer. Experiencing each season brings an understanding of God’s purpose for it, as you embrace times of tearing down and building up, seeking and letting go, refreshment and rejoicing, laughter and revitalization.

Autumn ... just as the leaves change colors and fall to the ground, you know it is time for you to let old habits fall away and bring new color into your life. It is the season to let go of the old and move into the new. With your mind ready for a change, it is time for winter.

Winter ... encourages you to 'go inside'. It is the time to look deep within to explore the answers to your life's questions. Becoming aware of where you are in life is most important and helps direct you to your next step.

Spring ... flowers begin to sprout and so do you as you discover new insights into yourself. Because you have watered and fertilized your ground, you are now ready to make choices that move you forward, walking in the truth of knowing who you are.

Summer ... the sunshine of your new beginning emerges. Each day is filled with ray of hope as you walk a new path with purpose. It is the harvest season, the time to reap what you have sown during your cycle of growth.

"Coaching gives me direction. Understanding my mission is now my truth north."     Cyndy