This is your opportunity!
Step into your future with purpose and intention. This is the time to make the choices that will move you towards your hopes and dreams. This is your opportunity to realize potential in all areas of your life. Partnering with you as your coach, we will identify what is really important to you and
go get it!
Discover how coaching can inspire YOU!

As your Life Coach, I will partner with you during a season of exploration. Discover your vision, your purpose, your mission, along with setting specific goals, which will launch you into your future with intention and direction.

As your Relationship Coach, I will partner with you during a season of understanding. In coaching, you will gain knowledge of who you are, how others are different from you, and how you can work together to celebrate the differences. Establishing a strong foundation for building and maintaining strong relationships is essential for creating meaning and purpose with the people that are closest to you.

As your Teen Coach, I will partner with teens and parents during a season of development in a safe environment. Teens are given the opportunity to ask the hard questions, find their answers, and mature in wisdom as they move through this transitional time in life.

As your Christian Coach, I will partner with you in the cycle of life. Knowing that God has a plan for your life and surrendering your life to Him to fulfill that plan is what brings meaning to the journey. No matter the season of your life walking in faith in Jesus Christ is the cornerstone to realizing your full potential.

Life Coach
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Is this your special moment - are you prepared?
What is missing in your life - that one thing that keeps you from fulfilling your purpose?
Where do you want more in your life?

Relationship Coach
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Singles: Are you tired of the dating scene and are you looking for more?
Pre-marital: Are you getting married and want to build a strong foundation for a life-long marriage?
Marriage: Is your marriage empty? Has there been betrayal and you want to trust again?

Teen Coach
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Teens: Are you confused about where you are headed in life? Are you struggling with issues that you have no control over? Do you want to talk about communication, dating, sex?
Parents: Is your teen challenging? Does your teen seem to be withdrawn? Do you feel troubled by what your teen is doing?

Christian Coach
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Do you desire to know God's plan for your life?
Do you want a better understanding of who God is in your life?
Do you want a deeper spiritual walk?

"I found the courage to discover who I am in the midst of troubling relationships."   Katharine